Your Feet Deserve Respect

Not only are your feet two of the hardest working parts of your body, they are also two of the most complex.

Teacher - On Your Feet All DayPicture this. Each foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, over 100 different ligaments and scores of muscles and tendons. When all these elements work together smoothly your feet will form a stable base for your body and let you move more comfortably and easily.

However, when something goes wrong, every step can be painful. Which is why we recommend you treat your feet with the care and respect they deserve.

To keep your feet looking and feeling their best, keep this in mind:

  • Give your toes ample of space inside your footwear. Trying to cram them into narrow, pointy shoes is a recipe for foot pain, bunions and hammer toes.
  • Stay away from high heels. If you must wear them, make sure your feet are well supported through the arch and offer additional padding at the ball of the foot. For every inch of heel height, you raise the pressure on the balls of your feet. For example, a 1″ heel increases pressure by 22%. Wearing a 2″ heel will increase pressure by 57% and a 3″ heel will increase it by 76%. (HINT: If you absolutely must wear high heels somewhere, wear comfortable shoes to and from the event and change into heels at the last possible moment.)
  • Remember that size counts, and that not all footwear fits the same. You may encounter large variations in size across brands. Have your feet measured as they often get a bit larger as years go by.
  • Replace when needed. Even shoes that fit perfectly will wear out eventually. Once that happens you can’t count on them to provide your feet with the cushioning and support they require, and it’s time to say good-bye.
  • Give your feet a break. Reducing your weight will help lessen stress on your feet – one more good reason to do your whole body a favor by staying (or getting) slim.
  • Want to learn more about getting your feet in tip-top shape? Seek out the advice from a Foot Solutions pedorthist to prevent future foot and footwear challenges.

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