Power for Generations

We are proud to be part of a local neighbourhood initiative (sponsored by BC Hydro, 8 local Business Improvement Associations and the Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce) looking to educate businesses and the general public on energy conservation. To make our mark we decided to switch off our interior and exterior lights at night for the entire duration of Earth Week, April 14-22, 2012. Learn how other Westside merchants are making their mark at http://www.westsideunplugged.com.

Here’s how we pledge to conserve energy for future generations, even when our awning’s lights are burning at night:
> Install Energy Efficient Bulbs
> Switch off Computers & Monitors at night
> Use power bars to stop the flow of phantom power
> Shut off unnecessary lights
> Encourage employees to use alternative transportation
> Educate our customers on energy conservation
> Reduce Paper Use
> Recycle

We want to know. How are you conserving energy at home or work?

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