Keep Shoes Looking Great

When you spend good money on a beautiful, well-made pair of shoes, you want to be sure that you can enjoy them Woly Combi Proper Cleaning Productsseason after season. To prevent early retirement to the footwear graveyard our experts recommend the following steps to keep all of your favourite shoes looking their best.

  • Give your shoes a rest. Allowing them a day off now and then lets them dry out naturally (preventing odour build-up, as a moist footwear environment is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria) and helps protect the leather.
  • Use unvarnished shoe trees, such as those made of cedar. Varnished shoe trees are better looking but the unvarnished type does a better job of absorbing moisture and helps shoes return to their proper shape.
  • Never put a pair of wet shoes near a heat source like a radiator or heat vent. Heat may dry the leather too quickly and leave it brittle, causing it to crack.
  • Use a shoe horn to help protect the heel counter of your shoes as you slide your feet in. However, be sure to check that you can slide into the shoe easily without the aid of a shoe horn prior to purchasing them at the store. This ensures that the footwear provides ample of room for your feet.
  • Find the best shoe repair shop in the area and have any repairs done as soon as you notice a problem. Repairs may include, resoling, stitching or simply the replacement of a broken lace (also available at your local Foot Solutions location).

For Shoe Repair in Vancouver, may we recommend:

Tony’s Shoe Repair (Kerrisdale)woly-marke-uebersicht-motiv
6041 W Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6M 3X2
(604) 263-0699

Elan Shoe
2572 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3G8
(604) 677-5013

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