Are your feet keeping you from exercising your heart?

FebruaryIsHeartMonthHappyValentinesIt’s February, national heart awareness month. Not only is it time to start thinking about how you will treat your sweety on February 14th, but you may want to revisit your current fitness achievements for 2015 to be sure you keep your heart healthy & strong for years to come. Did you decide to start eating healthier or increase your activity level in 2015? Well, how’s that going (comment below)?

Feet Hurt?

If you’re on track with your exercise plan, may the force be with you! However, if you’ve seen a gradual decline in your exercise program, your feet may be holding you back from achieving your fitness goals. Perhaps it’s your work shoes that are holding you back. Tight, restrictive footwear may cause your body and feet to feel fatigued at the end of the day, not wanting to take another step. Overpronation may leave them stressed and unhappy, causing you to experience calf muscle fatigue, arch fatigue or even back pain. Not sure what’s going on with your tender tootsies? Stop into your local Foot Solutions for a complimentary foot and shoe assessment and have our experts point you to tootsie bliss.

Resistance Training for Increased Calorie Burn

Excess weight may be putting undue pressure on your feet, knees and hips. Adding resistance exercises to your workout routine can help build muscle strength, which in turn will help increase calorie burn. Don’t want to hit the gym? Consider adding Balance Walking poles to your walking routine. Not only do Nordic poles stimulate 90% of the muscles in your body, studies have shown that they improve posture, reduce pressure on knees, feet and hips and when used during your lunch break will increase productivity during the afternoon lull at the office. If that isn’t enough information to convince you to give this activity a try, join our walking club for a complimentary introduction to Nordic Pole Walking here and see for yourself.

Want more inspiration on leading a healthy & active lifestyle? Join us and many other healthy organizations & businesses at the annual Wellness Show at Canada Place February 13-15, 2015.

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