Diabetes: Walking, Weather Or Not

Walking is one of the best ways to up your fitness game, especially when you add in walking poles to help you burn additional calories. It can help you lose weight, sleep better, improve your mood and, if you have diabetes, even help lower your blood sugar. To be honest Weather-WalkingNoMatterWhatit’s just about the best activity to get your body moving, until the day you discover it’s just too hot or too cold or too wet outside.

This gives you the option of braving the conditions (as our Scandinavian friends like to say “There is no bad weather, just bad clothes”) and thus head out anyway; or, if that’s too much to ask, you may give the below options a go:

  • Jump on a treadmill. It’s not the most exciting option, but it will keep you warm and dry and you can break a good sweat, especially if you use the uphill function. Add a TV into the mix and catch up on your favourite flicks from Netflix while you walk.
  • Find an indoor running or walking track. This can get boring, so be sure to bring along a friend or family member, an audio-book or your favourite music playlist.
  • Go window shopping. Lots of malls offer early hours for walkers. Add some additional work to your walking workout by adding some stairs.
  • Bring along a pedometer that keeps track of your steps and challenge yourself to walk a little bit farther every day.

Of course, whatever strategy you choose, you should invest in good, comfortable walking shoes that fit right and give your feet plenty of support. So rain or shine, a trip to Foot Solutions is a good first step for walking poles and shoes.

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