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Your quest for the perfect gift may take you all over town. It may mean hours on your feet; and, given your shoes aren’t comfortable, you may find it quite difficult to keep that holiday spirit going.

We always say, if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t buy it. Shoes that don’t fit perfectly may pinch and rub your skin raw or just plain hurt. Some of these discomforts can be remedied with a stretch or a footwear modification. However, in extreme cases, an improperly fitting shoe can cause all sorts of foot problems including bunions, corns, calluses, heel spurs, and even plantar fasciitis. And to make matters worse, when your shoes don’t give you enough support, you may end up feeling tired and achy long before you’ve finished your holiday shopping list.

So, before you decide to shop till you drop, start your holiday shopping with a visit to Foot Solutions for shoes and inserts that will keep you moving no matter what the world throws at you. And, while our staff is making sure everything you choose fits exactly right, don’t forget to check out all the excellent gift possibilities we have in store, including slippers, high performance socks, lotions and our “perfect fit” gift certificates.

The World’s Top Ten Beaches

Long Beach - Tofino, BC
Long Beach – Tofino, BC
Are you ready to take your Foot Solutions sandals to the beach? National Geographic says these are the top ten beaches to visit around the globe:

  1. Seychelles – This archipelago in the Indian Ocean features turquoise water and pink sand.
  2. Maldives – Over a thousand islands straddle the equator southwest of Sri Lanka.
  3. Bora Bora, Tahiti – Called “the Romantic Island” it’s part of French Polynesia.
  4. The Hamptons, NY – Windswept dunes and unspoiled shoreline.
  5. Lanikai Beach, Hawaii – Protected by a coral reef, the beach is sparkling white and the water deep green.
  6. Nantucket Island, MA – This popular North Atlantic island features calm beaches and glorious views.
  7. Fraser Island, Australia – The world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island is a World Heritage Site.
  8. St. Bart’s – Known for its French charm, this 8-mile-long island offers 20 beaches and small coves.
  9. Langkawi, Malaysia – Uncrowded white sand beaches backed by lush forests.
  10. Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii – Located on the big island, the beach’s white sand and calm blue water are what everyone thinks of when they imagine Hawaii.

But wait, why travel so far when four (4) of Canada’s top 10 beaches, as reported by the Globe & Mail, can be found right here in BC. They are:

  • Long Beach – This B.C. gem, 20 kilometres south of Tofino, is the quintessential Canadian beach, as much Sitka spruce and hemlock forest as sand.
  • Haida Gwaii – According to native legend, the first humans on Earth emerged from a clam shell on B.C.’s North Beach.
  • Spanish Banks: This two-kilometre swath on the Seaside Seawall system in Vancouver’s Point Grey has three glorious sections facing the North Shore’s mountains.
  • English Bay Beach – In summer, Vancouver’s English Bay Beach feels like California. Palm trees overlook the Seawall, where walkers and joggers head to False Creek and Stanley Park.

Sarah Jessica Parker Says She’s Giving High Heels the Boot

The Huffington Post recently shocked readers with the news that No to High Heel ShoesSarah Jessica Parker, star of the popular Sex and the City, was ending her long-time relationship with high heels.

Seems the glamorous star has told Net-a-Porter magazine that after 10 years of wearing high heels her feet started begging her to stop, and the message was reinforced by a foot doctor who found some serious damage.

According to the Huffington Post, she says she realized “the chickens had come home to roost” and is now SO over wearing high heels “unless they’re really, really nice.”

We recommend to only wear fashionable, high heel, footwear for special occasions. Also, if you do wear them, click here for five tips to make them feel better.

So how can Ms. Parker soothe her feet while keeping her fashionable reputation? How do you soothe your aching feet?

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