Be a Better Loser – Five Weight Loss Strategies

Shedding weight isn’t only good for your overall health, it is also great for your body. Any significant weight loss will help reduce stress on feet, knees and hips, especially if those parts of your body are afflicted with Arthritis. It is also particularly important if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes to keep your blood sugar levels in check. But, there’s no question losing weight is no easy task.

Experts suggest these five weight loss strategies to help you stay on track:

  • Set reasonable long term goals. Overly ambitious goals only set you up for failure.
  • Be sure to set realistic weekly weight loss goals and keep track of how you’re doing.
  • Plan each week’s workout routine in advance. Add it into your calendar to be sure to stick to it. Have a personal trainer help you design an appropriate routine, to make sure you don’t insure yourself in the process.
  • Have a friend join you on your quest to better health so you can share winning strategies and motivate each other.
  • Consider a Vegan diet to help shed unwanted pounds. Seek advise from dietitians before drastically changing your diet.

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