Diabetes: 6 Tips to Help you Protect Your Feet from Injury or Infection

If you’re suffering from diabetes, you know how important it is to protect yourself from the serious complications it can cause. This includes keeping your blood sugar under control and following your doctor’s advice about diet and exercise.

ShowYourFeetSomeLove-NationalDiabetesMonthAnd, it means paying special attention to your lower extremities, especially your feet.

You may be aware that diabetic neuropathy (a common side effect of diabetes) can make your feet less sensitive, which can result in injuries going undetected. Diabetes is often accompanied by poor circulation, making it more difficult for those injuries to heal.

Here’s how to protect your feet from injury or infection:

  • Do not go barefoot, not even in the house.
  • Never wear shoes without socks or stockings.
  • Inspect the interior of your shoes before you put them on to make sure there are no foreign objects, rough patches, pebbles or sand that could injure or irritate your feet.
  • Check your feet every day for cuts, blisters or other irritations.
  • Be sure not to use hot water bottles or heating pads on your feet, as this may result in burns.
  • Wear shoes in the gym, pool or public locker room to protect yourself from athlete’s foot and other fungi.

Finally, to keep your feet feeling good day after day, you’ll want to treat them to shoes that fit perfectly and give you plenty of support. That’s where Foot Solutions can help. With our large selection of shoes to comfort and protect diabetic feet and our carefully trained fit specialists we are able to help you find the perfect pair.

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